Road from London conference room to Annan Court

If you ever wanted to enjoy the beauty of the English countryside and explore the wonderful nature of British landscapes then there is a place where you will fulfill your dream.

When you visit Great Britain for a conference you will most certainly want to stay in London for a few days. But there you don't have much nature to be seen, certainly not the one you saw on postcards and on the internet. So you need to think about a way to see that. Scotland is always a good idea, but it takes almost a day by your car to go there from London, considering that you will make stops to inhale the fresh air and the beauty around you. But there is a little place on the south where you can arrive in less than two hours from London and that can show you some of the best landscapes in England.

The trip of your dreams

When you start from your London conference venue you can go right south, but a much better option is to go first east on the A13 and then go south on the A282. The best way is to take this road to go to Annan Court, the place we are talking about, and then to go back to London on the A23 (the south road, in this case north actually).

By doing so you will be able to take a rest at Dartford where they have amazing restaurants and really good food. A little more south you can also take a little break at Well Hill where the nature will amaze you. From there on you will see the nature you were thinking about. We recommend you to stay a day or two, if not more, at Annan Court and maybe enjoy playing tennis or horseback riding.

On your way back we recommend to go a little more south. So you will reach Brighton, a beautiful city on the sea, and then go north, back to London on A23. Keep your eyes open on your way back because there are also some beautiful things to be seen.