Sexual Side Effects of Menopause and How to Address Them

The loss of testosterone and estrogen as a result of attaining menopause can cause changes in the woman’s sexual drive and overall body. Postmenopausal and menopausal women may find out that they are not as easily aroused, and they can be less sensitive to stroking and touching. This can result to less interest in sex.

As you cn find on ,also, lower levels of estrogen can lead to a noticeable decrease of the blood supply to the clitoris and vagina. It can, in turn, affect the intimate part lubrication, resulting in the vagina being too dry for comfortable sex. Other side effects of menopause may include stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and bladder control problems.

menopause lower sex drive

Does Menopause Lower Sex Drive?

Some women approaching menopause claim to experience improved sex drive. This may be as a result of reduced anxiety that could be linked to fear of pregnancy. Also, such women, most times have less child-rearing responsibilities, enabling them to relax and enjoy affection with their sexual partners. All in all, vaginal dryness is a common problem during the postmenopausal and the menopausal period. However, the problem can be perfectly treated using Provestra pills.

Provestra is unlike other female treatment options, which can cause side effects such as weakening latex, providing a medium for bacterial growth, raising the risk of stroke, thickening the endometrium, and worsening blood clots. It is made from herbs and not necessarily chemical compounds. It gently and naturally reverses all negative side effects of menopause and restores hormonal balance in the female body. The female sex drive medication product is not linked to any known side effects, which is why most physicians would recommend it to its patients. Other healthcare providers would recommend it to serve as prevention against low female libido.

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Things to do nearby Annan Court

Did you ever dream of a beautiful vacation in England? Does the British island make you feel the past and interested in history? But you don't want to stay in London because of the rush and you want to enjoy the nature also. If so, then Annan Court is the right place for you.

About 13 acres of stunning nature are placed just in the right spot in England. Annan Court is near Brighton and the sea but also near London and other beautiful places in England. The real reason you should visit this beautiful spot on the earth is the calmness and the natural way of living there.

At the Annan Court resort you can relax both your body and your soul. Sport is for British people an important part of life so you will find here places where you can play tennis, basketball and volleyball. They also have a big swimming pool where you can enjoy the water and let your body relax and you muscles strengthen. Their accommodation offer is really good. But not only the tennis court and places for basketball and volleyball and football can offer you a possibility to spend your time and burn some calories.

Because the nature is beautiful and there are also stunning forests that wait to be explored, you can imagine how the people were thinking a few hundred years ago, where to put the walking paths. You can to this day go on a walk where many people walked and took a look at the very same old tree you are looking.

Close to everything you need

Because Brighton and Eastbourne are near and you must have heard of the beautiful and interesting beaches and nature there, you know what to do in case you stay at Annan Court. Visit Brighton for a shopping day, enjoy the culture and the nature and people. The restaurants that you can find there are really good and the food - just delicious. And if you don't want to do all of that by your own then take a ride to London and find there a girl that will make your time more interesting. Eastbourne is also quite near, so you can go and visit it's beautiful beaches and if you are there in the summer time, maybe also take a step into the ocean.

If you are a fan of horseback riding then this area is the best for you. Near Annan Court you can find some quite good offers for horseback riding. But we find the best ones to be those near Eastbourne, because of the amazing beaches and the beautiful nature. If you have never been riding on a horse on a beach, than this is the right place for you to try it out.

In Annan Court you can find your next travel retreat. The nature, people and sport offers, make it the right place for your next vacation or holidays. Feel free to contact us.